Wednesday, January 11, 2017


     The key to being happy is basically getting what u want. I was talking to someone and he said I dont know why everyone cant get what they want its dumb, and i said it money then he said the give everyone money. happiness can come from your job a love interest hobby anything  really but u have to work for happiness in my opinion. But in some insensate you can be happy with heaving nothing, because the most happiest people are the ones who have nothing in there lives.Like homeless people in the street 90%are really good guys. On you tube the you tubers gave a homeless guy 100$ to see if he would by drugs or food, he bought food for all his friends. It depend on who you are and were you are from to know what kind of happiness you have. ok if your a pro soccer player u can only get so much more skill but if your ass at it u can get a lot of skill.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Soccer  is a big part of my life because it teaches me to push lil more harder for that goal but i'm golly so . but its really the one sport i ever played competitively. i had bad and good years but the bad years is pushes me to work harder were i don't get bad years. i play with my finders all the time we train and push each other. but that really examples me that the biggest thing in my life.I got trophy's from playing 6 years of soccer it made me feel good when I got one.
 Write about Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance. Why does it matter? Who do you know who demonstrates this/ has demonstrated this quality? What are some examples from history, sports, culture, and/or your experience?

  well my mom is one because she had a rough life and she pushed her way threw it shes has a masters and  bachelor's degree in psychology. But her life begins when she was 8 when she got adopted. She been in many foster shelters. then she got her husband then they got a devours and that freaked her out and then she had a kid . Then she came back to Cali then found my dad at a bar now they been marred around 45 years but my mom had some in hardheartedness taken bye her family.  her job was getting to expensive she wast making much then adopted me and all her family was dyeing she got really superseded, then her son got a devours from his wife and that messed her up bad . but she slowly over coming it .

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


    I wore the same jeans to school and people starred making fun of me because  i didn't have nice clothes. i dint care about it as much in till now because when u get compliments it feels good and i like getting compliments. But i still don't care about close a other people. people has 400 droller shoes and i have 80 droller shoes. but small stuff like that don't bother me it just shows who  is my finders.  back in the old days people like my dad didn't care as much about their shoes. but now kids has 23 air Jordan's that cause 300. i'm just saying it don't bother me.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

    I have some what of self control because when I was younger I was traveling a lot and I use to whine a lot then I grew out of it and now my self control is alto better because we still go on trips and the military you need self control and I want to join the much self control I have on a scale of 0/10 is around 8.5 in stuff I like of cores but in stuff I don't like is more like a 4. I'm better than average with my self control. Like if i have home work and my fenders want to hang i'm going to pick my finders. But it don't mean i don't have self control with any of my home work.

Monday, October 24, 2016

the judgement

        The judgement on appearance  and labels is dumb in my opinon.

        The judgement on appearance is dumb because some people are broke and sometimes they spend the money on stuff like payments on housing, car, ext. now lets talk about high school for a second. High school get made fun of kids who don't have nice clothes and shoes. kids get made fun of because they don't have nice clothes , because o their appearance. 

        The judgement of labels is dumb. Most of the labels are roomers or their appearance on what their wear. people get labels over the dumbest thing in the world like lies and stuff. The color shirt they wear.  

Monday, October 17, 2016

Favorite place form my chilled hood was ,when I was a kid was my house about 10 years ago because I had my best friend next me and we always hung out every day skip home work for each other shoot each other with bb guns. We was always in my house chillen eating mostly me eating. My house is my favorite place not because of the small stuff like that it was that he is still my best friend today and he moved to spring valley. When ever we hang i think of the past. My house is were mostly were i learned every thing I know now like walking ,cleaning and so much more. it were i got most of my scares its were i broke my arm . This something someone who inst me or my best friend wouldn't under stand why its my favorite place to live.